Before the Flood

300beforethefloodDiCaprio staat al jaren bekend als een voorvechter van een schoner milieu. In ‘Before the flood’ laat hij de wereldwijde invloed van klimaatverandering [click to continue…]

A farm for the future

farmforfutureRebecca Hosking, boerendochter die documentaire-filmer werd, gaat in op het energiegebruik in de landbouw, dat in de komende jaren kritiek zal worden, zonder in [click to continue…]

Green Gold

greengoldIt’s possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems. So, if we can, why don’t we do that. Environmental film maker John D. Liu documents large-scale ecosystem restoration projects in China, Africa, [click to continue…]

Groen Goud 2

groengoud2 In Groen Goud 2 kijkt VPRO Tegenlicht naar de winst die te halen valt uit het herstel van ecosystemen in Spanje, Egypte en India. Het herstellen van ecosystemen levert [click to continue…]

Hope in a Changing Climate

hopechangeA major project is restoring fertility and hope to China’s Loess Plateau, until recently one of the poorest regions of the country. Centuries of continuous agriculture have removed the [click to continue…]


inhabitInhabit is a feature length documentary introducing permaculture: a design method that offers an ecological lens for solving issues related to agriculture, economics, governance, [click to continue…]

The Permaculture Orchard: Beyond Organics

miracleTwenty years ago, Stefan Sobkowiak bought a commercial apple orchard with the intention of converting it to an organic orchard. He did just that, but eventually understood the limitations of [click to continue…]

Dirt! The Movie

soilmovieExcursion into the realms of soil, the number 1 lifegiver on Earth…It’s fundamentally important ecological functions, our poor understanding of it as well as our destructive [click to continue…]

Forest Gardening, Edible Landscapes & Urban Permaculture

permtrioThis video consists of three mini-documentaries:
Forest Gardening with Robert Hart. Find out loads about what forest gardening is, and how to make your own! [click to continue…]

Biochar – Return to Ancient Wisdom

biocharGlimpse into the miraculous potential of Biochar as a significant solution to climate change, soil degradation, drought, slash and burn deforestation, peak phosphorus and the global food crisis. [click to continue…]

Natural Farming With Masanobu Fukuoka

fukuokaFull-length documentary following the legendary Masanobu Fukuoka on a visit to India. Masanobu Fukuoka is a farmer/philosopher who lives on the Island of Shikoku, in southern Japan. His [click to continue…]

Permaculture Paradise

valeliVal and Eli take us on a tour of their magical permagarden in Jacksonville FL. They have created a wonderful, natural space filled with self-sustaining fruits, vegetables, herbs, [click to continue…]

The Evolution of Ecological Consciousness

evolutionPermaculture designer Andrew Faust of Center for Bioregional Living gives us an inspiring and heady narrative about the evolution of all life and human consciousness on Mother [click to continue…]

Singapore: Biophilic City

singaporA whirlwind week in Singapore exploring the amazing story of how Singapore came to be one of the most ‘biophilic’ cities of the world, on the cutting edge of ecocity design and [click to continue…]

Seeds of Permaculture

seeds0fpermAn interactive film about permaculture in the tropics. With education and inspiration as the main threads running through this hour-and-a-half-documentary.We remind you subtitles are [click to continue…]